Thursday, March 25, 2010


OMG. This show just keeps getting funnier and funnier.  Meet The Burnses from Florida. The couple appeared on NBC's The Marriage Ref tonight and had a couple of boneses to pick before a celebrity panel of judges which included Kelly Ripa, Alec Baldwin and Jerry SeinfeldMr. Burns is pretty easy going.  He likes to keep his motorcycle in their Living Room and watch Mariah Carey DVDs in their Den with the door shut.  This makes Mrs. Burns want to scream.  No, literally - she would scream at her husband for his behaviour.  "Mariah Carey is a no good hussy and I want her out of my home!...  Why would you want Mariah Carey when you have me?!?... You're practically involved with Mariah Carey!!!", she proclaimed jealously.

The celebrity judges wound up ruling in Mr. Burns' favour and I couldn't agree more.  We all need a little Mariah in our lives. Moreso 1990-2005 Mariah; 2009 Mariah... not so much.

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