Monday, March 15, 2010


It's confirmed.  Lady Gaga will be appearing this season on an episode of Fox's Glee.  Producer Ryan Murphy just confirmed that Gaga accepted the offer, although there is no word what kind of a role she will be playing exactly.   

Gaga is the latest major star to sign on for a cameo this season, following the suit of Jennifer Lopez, Olivia Newton-John, Neil Patrick Harris and Josh Groban.  There will also be an all-Madonna episode to come,  which will have Sue Sylvester (Jane Lynch) performing Vogue.  This of course has already been publicized widely.


  1. They are really rolling out the big guns, aren't they? Everytime I think the show couldn't get better, it does. :)

  2. i know. u read about JT too right? this is crazyyyyyy. there is some argument over whether gaga is actually doing a cameo or whether her songs are going to be used. what do you think!?