Sunday, February 21, 2010


Not that there was ever never any doubt about it, Martin Scorcese's new drama-thriller Shutter Island out-paddled its competition with a gargantuan debut this weekend.  From 2,991 screens, the excellent Paramount film brought in $40 million, recovering half of its production budget already and it hasn't even opened overseas yet.  Expect this total to double shortly.

In its second week after a huge debut, Valentine's Day slipped to second spot this weekend with $17.6 million bringing its total domestic earnings to a stellar $87 million.  A great showing still, but too bad it kinda sucked.

Avatar has definitely seen brighter days, falling to number three with $16.1 million in its tenth week of release.  For those of you who are curious, the film has grossed a ridiculous $2,462,821,000 worldwide. Holy F&#k!

Other than this, there were not much else notable as Shutter Island was the only film in wide release to open this past weekend.  Crazy Heart though, continues to exceed expectations with Jeff Bridges' Best Actor buzz, and that is the sign of a true quality film.  Despite showing at only 1,100 screens, the film made $3 million this weekend, earning $21.6 million to-date. 

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