Tuesday, February 23, 2010


After visiting Buffalo, New York on a day trip last Friday I discovered Pepperidge Farms' Tim Tam Cookies.  Although the cookies are affectionately known as Australia's favourite, the rage is now set to take over North America.  Alone, they are great.  With Tea or Coffee, even better.  Essentially, a Tim Tam is comprised of two cookies with your choice of a thin layer of Chocolate Crème, Caramel or Dark Chocolate sandwiched in-between.  It is then dipped in chocolate and winds up being a hybrid Candy Bar/Cookie much in the same vein as a Kit Kat or what Canadians would know as a Coffee Crisp bar.  

You don't just dip the Tim Tam in Tea or Coffee and call it a day though.  To properly consume it, you must bite off two small corners (diagonally) on the biscuit, dip it in your warm beverage and suck it through the biscuit like a straw.  As soon as you feel the liquid hit your tongue, immediately pop it in your mouth where it all explodes.  And there you have a Tim Tam SlamMoregasmic.

Or as Australian pop star Natalie Imbruglia describes it to television personality Graham Norton more eloquantly, "orgasmic":

To learn all about the Tim Tam, Pepperidge Farms have devoted an entire website to the biscuit.  Click here to find out more.

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