Monday, February 8, 2010


I'm not sure who's idea it was to not release Shakira's excellent She Wolf album worldwide simultaneously,  but I'm certain the people upstairs at Sony Music are kicking themselves right now.  Or maybe not considering this will be her last album anyway under the Epic imprint before transitioning to newly launched Live Nation.  I really, really had high expectations for that album but alas, it's been buried under the rubble after showing so much promise with its first single.  The songs were there definitely and Shakira is more than capable of delivering  in a live performance, believe me. 

With that being said, attentions have now been devoted to third single Gypsy, a track about the free spirit known as Shakira, expressed through guitars, sitars and string padding.  On the Freemasons Radio Mix of this track, some extra synth colouring is added in addition to new rhythmic elements.  The mix is atypical of the electro house mixes we are accustomed to from the UK duo but nonetheless, this is the version that should be delivered to radio.  The original album edit is perhaps too sparse.  It should find some degree of success in terms of airplay in the Hot Adult Contemporary format and may get some spins in the Top 40 format too.

Preview Shakira's Gypsy (Freemasons Radio Mix) below in full (courtesy of Sony Music):


  1. Well I am so relieved, I haven't been able to hear this mix yet but I can only assume it's going to have a sibling remix from the same team. If not then your description makes it sound like both parties know what they are doing.

  2. This remix is extremely dull and disappointing by the Freemasons standards. I vastly prefer the original.

    As for potential singles, why aren't they rush releasing "Men In This Town"? With GaGa & Ke$ha ruling the charts, electro Shakira is a sure bet!

  3. Thanks guys! Mike, I'm sure they will have something hotter for the Club Mix perhaps. The little things they added to the track give it that little bit of push needed for radio. The album edit is too sparse.

    And also, you won Mike! E-mail your trashdress so I can send you your prize :')