Sunday, February 28, 2010


Shutter Island makes it two for two, pulling in a strong $22.2 million at the Box Office in its second week.  The film to-date, has earned $75 million domestically, just shy of its $80 million budget.  

Debuting in second with $18.6 million is Warner Bros.' action comedy Cop Out starring Bruce Willis who is currently filming Red in Toronto with Helen Mirren, and Tracy Morgan of Saturday Night Live and 30 Rock fame.  The film, originally titled A Couple of Dicks was renamed well, for the obvious reasons.  North Americans are among the largest consumers and makers of pornography, yet we can't handle seeing a movie with "that word" in its title.  Go figure.

Overture Films' The Crazies performed respectably in third taking in $16.5 million in its debut.  The horror film was made for just $20 million and lacks any real big names in its cast other than Timothy Olyphant.

Avatar it its eleventh week in the Top Ten, still is performing well enough to hang on to fourth spot this weekend bringing its domestic total gross to $707 million.

Some might be interested to know that The Wolfman, which has performed below expectations domestically, is actually doing very well overseas.  Although slipping to eighth spot this weekend, its worldwide gross is $120.5 million, with $63 million of that coming from overseas ticket sales.  There is hope after all for lead actor Benicio Del Toro's career.

The Oscars are here next Sunday.  Are my Mavenati ready or what?!?

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