Friday, December 18, 2009


28 year-old entrepreneur David Segal spent much of his early '20s obsessing about why it is so hard to find a quality cup of tea in this city. So instead of wasting time thinking about it, he started what is now a very successful chain of tea shops in primary markets like Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal.

David's Tea launched in 2008 and it combines the essence of fashion - that flavours should change according to season - together with the world's second most consumed beverage. It takes away the pretentiousness attached to tea drinking, making it accessible to a demographic willing to try something new. No offense to Bubble Tea. Sorted by variety whether it be Black, Green, White, Oolong, Rooibos, Herbal, Maté or Pu'erh, you will find here the most decadent assortment available anywhere. And I mean decadent.

I myself prefer a cup of Black Tea and I am absolutely in love right now with After Midnight, which combines the flavours of Dark Chocolate, Orange Peel, Pink Peppercorns and Cardamom. The label on my 100g tin claims that it acts as an aphrodisiac and I can confirm that yes, it works. Ditto for the Organic Hojicha Crème, which is a creamy tasting Green Tea. The Cream of Earl Grey also gets lots of compliments every time I serve it to friends. And in the summer I like to make a pitcher of Gunpowder Taffy, which is a citrusy, caramel-flavoured Green Tea. Other popular flavours include the Crème Caramel Rooibos and the just released Tiramisu Rooibos.

David's Tea also sell some really gorgeous accessories like Tiffany & Co.-inspired turquoise tea pots and all sorts of cool infusers for your mug in the event you don't need to make a full pot of tea. The cupcakes they serve in-store are to die for, including one of the Reese's Peanut Butter Cup variety. And did I mention that they offer free shipping within Canada and to our friends in the U.S. for orders above $50? Yes. Tea, anyone?


  1. Will, I'm so glad you mentioned David's! I was just at the Bloor West store yesterday to pick up their Christmas Tea and Grean & Fruity as presents for some out of town friends.

    I love the Cream of Early Grey, a staple for me. I recently bought "Forever Nuts," an almond based tea that I can't get enough of. I'll bring you some to try!

  2. I knew you'd enjoy this one, Mer! What does Christmas Tea taste like? Is it like Black Celebration? Forever Nuts sounds up my alley. I tried one called Toasted Walnut which was incredible! xx

  3. Christmas Tea *is* Black Celebration ;) I'll be bringing you some Forever Nuts tomorrow! :) xo

  4. I just got Read My Lips today. So excited to try it. Can't wait to see you tmw. x