Sunday, August 26, 2012


Still from The Expendables 2
It's a tepid weekend at the Box Office, but not enough to stop The Expendables 2 from firing their way back to number one again .. even with a meager $13.5 million. The Action Blockbuster in two weeks has earned a cumulative $51.2 million in North America.

The Bourne Legacy once again finds itself at number two this weekend with $9.3 million and a total $84.9 million banked in three weeks of release - just enough to edge-out ParaNorman in third with $8.5 million in its second week.

Sony Pictures' Premium Rush is one of only a few Films opening this weekend, but could muster only an seventh-place debut with $6.3 million, despite solid reviews on Rotten Tomatoes (76% on the Tomatometer).  This raises some questions about talented Joseph Gordon-Levitt's bankability as a Lead Actor with Looper coming out next month.

2016 Obama's America debuts in eight spot with $6.2  million, impressive for a small-budget Documentary opening in only 1,091 theatres this weekend in the U.S.  The Film asks what America would be like if President Obama were to be re-elected once again; it is said to be anti-Obama.

Meanwhile, Hit and Run, the Comedy starring (and directed by) Dax Sheppard and Wife Kristen Bell debuts in tenth spot with $4.6 million.