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Jason Sudeikis
Most of us know Jason Sudeikis for his work on NBC's Saturday Night Live where his sketches The Two A-Holes and his impression of American Idol Winner Taylor Hicks have brought him considerable notoriety since joining its Cast in 2005. With three Films slated for release in 2011 in addition to his on-going commitments with The Cleveland Show and SNL, it would appear that the Actor/Comedian/Writer from Kansas is now a bona fide Movie Star. Hall Pass in which he starred alongside Owen Wilson already topped to the Box Office in its debut this past February and now Sudeikis arrives in Toronto to promote another Comedy, the hotly-tipped Horrible Bosses for Warner Bros./New Line Cinema. 

Riding the same Elevator, I note Sudeikis actually is much taller in-person than imagined.  His Boy-Next-Door good looks are paired with some no-fuss Fashions: a navy blue Cardigan, a pressed white Dress Shirt and a pair of Jeans.  He tells me, "Yeah, I know Toronto pretty well as I filmed a Movie here a few years back (The Rocker) but flew in late last night and only had a chance to have Drinks.  Now I have to fly right out again after this!".

Entering the Interview Suite of his Hotel, he admits to an intimate group of Journalists that he wasn't readily sold on being a part of Horrible Bosses.  "Initially I was hesitant to sign-on as I had just finished filming Hall Pass and then Horrible Bosses got the green light from New Line Cinema. It was just go go go!", he recalls.  "I had just played a character with Ladies on his brain in Hall Pass and I spent much of my charms on that. This time around I'd have to play a Guy with Ladies on his brain and at the same time charm his Friends into murdering their Bosses.".  Sudeikis admits to having declined Director Seth Gordon's offer at one point but after chatting over the Phone over a period of three weeks and being given some creative input into the Script, he convinced himself  finally to stop taking himself so seriously and accept the role of Kurt.

Perhaps best described as a cross between 9 to 5, The Hangover and Date Night, Horrible Bosses follows Kurt and his two Buddies Nick (Charlie Day) and Dale (Jason Bateman) who like him, absolutely loathe their abusive Bosses - so much in fact that they join forces and plot their murders.  Kurt reports to Bobby (Colin Farrell), a Cocaine-snorting Slacker with a Comb-over who gains his title through Nepotism.  Nick is a Dental Assistant, bullied by his sexually aggressive Boss Julia (Jennifer Aniston) while emotionally blackmailing him.  Dale is in-line for a promotion as the Senior Vice President of his Company until his volatile Boss Dave (Kevin Spacey) decides to give himself dual roles as both President and Vice President.

How close to home is Horrible Bosses for Jason Sudeikis?  The Funnyman admits, "I've had a few passive-aggressive Bosses who perhaps were too detail-oriented", recalling particularly his time in Retail at Banana Republic back in 1997. "Overall, I've been fortunate not to have any one horrible Boss. If they were that awful, I would have quit anyway", he believes.  

With eight years of experience under his belt on SNL, Sudeikis has perfected the art of Improvisation.  He reveals though that much of what we see in this Comedy in fact is not improvised.  "Anything spontaneous was spoken about before the Cameras rolled.  Charlie, Seth and I have backgrounds in Writing so this made for a nice rhythm and a natural chemistry between us.".

Jason Sudeikis & Mr. Will-W.
He also dishes a bit on some recent SNL Hosts, delivering high praise especially for Sir Elton John and his clever, quick wit. "He's really self-aware and took the piss out of himself.  It was a delight working with him", Sudeikis gushes. On Lady Gaga's appearance in last month's Season Finale, he says "She was a good sport and generally I am excited to work with anyone whom I'd be excited to see at McDonald's!".

His experiences on SNL and Horrible Bosses do have some parallels he believes, clarifying "We'd have Oscar winners and big Movie Stars like Kevin Spacey in our Cast coming on-Set for a while and leave, which is something I'm used to".  Sudeikis does note though that filming in Los Angeles  as opposed to New York gave him an opportunity to get a tan finally, a change to the fairer complexion he sports normally on SNL.

What will draw attention to Horrible Bosses is its all-star Cast and he jokes, "I think it's great that Colin was actually brave enough not to wear his Hairpiece for this role!", commenting on that Hunk's dramatic transformation for his unflattering role.  And although Horrible Bosses is chalk full of lewd Humour, any sex scenes are implied in the Film and never actually shown. The Actor who confirmed that he is in fact single, got a kick especially out of working with sexy Co-stars Aniston and Modern Family's Julie Bowen, noting that they possess "four of the best legs in Showbiz!". 

Sudeikis reflects upon the fun experience making the Comedy and stresses the importance of staying to see its Blooper Reel, fully documenting the Cast's crazy antics.  After finally seeing the Film in full recently he looks back with a sense of Pride, exclaiming "We did it!".  Warner Bros. releases Horrible Bosses on July 8, 2011.

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  8. he plays Kurt Buckman in the film
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  10. He plays Kurt Buckman in the film.


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