Monday, July 18, 2011


Sagging Pants
Okay, I'm seeing it everywhere and I have to comment.  They're everywhere - perfectly respectable looking young Men who look exactly that ...until you look below the waist.  Sagging Pants are a growing phenomenon and you've probably seen it already this Summer - Guys who expose their butts under their pants or shorts.  Underwear on, of course.

But where exactly did this look originate from?  GQ Magazine traces its roots to Prison where inmates are forced to discard their belts, resulting in of course, saggy, falling pants.

I'm sorry.  It just doesn't work and as I noted to my Twitter Followers while grabbing a Coffee this morning, not even Mark Wahlberg circa Marky Mark could justify a look this awful.  Guys, don't do it.  For the dignity of Men.

(Photo credit: Mr. Will-W.)


  1. that so gay but i guss you like takeing photos pf guys in there pants or not

  2. Some free advice for the first anonymous commenter...
    Takeing is not really a word.

    And it's "their" pants not "there" pants.
    And it’s "of" not pf.

    Seriously, does your mom let you go on the computer by your self?

  3. This isn't a new trend. Guys saggy asses have been hanging out for years.

  4. Dear Will,
    I'm SO GLAD you’re speaking out against this ridiculous — and unsanitary — trend. Thank you!

    Dear “That's So Gay” Anonymous Coward,
    Just because you secretly want Will, but are too afraid to approach him does not mean you have to go around being a donkhead to him and get other blog readers all riled up over your own insecurities.
    P.S. Pull your pants up.

  5. i think you are getting your facts wrong i do not like guys i like girls so p.s get a life