Sunday, May 29, 2011


David Cronenberg & Mr. Will-W.
Although everybody pretty much is excited about Robert Pattinson bring in Toronto - and rightfully so - for Cosmopolis, the real Star of it all for me is our v. own David Cronenberg.  The acclaimed and celebrated Director of Classics Videodrome, A History of Violence, Eastern Promises, Crash, The Dead Zone and one of my favourites The Fly, took time to hang-out with Fans despite being busy at work and focused while filming.  An honour. Truly starstruck, I had to tell him how proud I am of him as a Canadian Film Buff and he was gracious about it, wrapping his arm around my shoulder and posing for a Photo without hassle.  Cosmopolis is his 20th Feature Film.

It appears also his Daughter Caitlin is making quite a name for herself  as a Photographer.  In fact, she is the designated Stills Photographer for Cosmopolis.  She also has been Tweeting Set Photos generously from her Twitter account and to keep up-to-speed on that, you can follow her here.

To see more Photos I got from the Set earlier today, click here and here.

(Photo credit: Mr. Will-W.)

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  1. You the only one who got Caitlin and Robert in a picture I bet you will make money now that they are a couple.