Sunday, May 29, 2011


Robert Pattinson on the set of Cosmopolis
It's official, Toronto is P.O.'d, or Pattinsoned-out. At least for today anyway. The British Hearththrob took over Financial District today with Filming taking place for David Cronenberg's Cosmopolis - the first official outdoor shoot for the Film in the City.

With the street transformed into New York City with an abundance of yellow Cabs and its signature Newsstands, much of today's filming centered around a Deli (click here to see). In attendance today were cast members Kevin Durand (who we spotted yesterday in Yorkville) and Sarah Gadon.

Fans who lined-up early, were kept at a distance from their hopes of meeting the Twilight Saga Hunk. Handlers told them, "We won't be bringing him over there!", managing expectations accordingly. This didn't prevent the determined from trying though as onlookers got a generously helping of Pattinson as he went in and out of his Trailer onto the Set just one block over.

An attention-shy Pattinson had his Lunch delivered to him in his deluxe Trailer from Craft Services and was seen with a bottle of Nestea Iced Green Tea in his hand walking into his Make-up Trailer for a touch-up.  Noticing Paparazzi and Fans trying to snap away, he at one point tried hiding behind his Handler, before toughening-up and braving the Cameras.  One Paparazzi got in a little too close and was warned, "You better stay back or I'm gonna make sure everyone else gets their Photos except you!".  Ouch.

Wrapping around 5:00 PM, Fans received a friendly wave from Pattinson before he headed off for the day.

Enjoy this Clip I got of Pattinson below heading to his Make-up Trailer:

And of course here are more Photos below:

(Photo credit: Mr. Will-W.)


  1. Did you ever stop to think Mr.Pattinson just wants to do his job,and not get hounded for a thousand pics a day.It's people like you that should get a REAL job and stop hounding those that do have REAL jobs.

  2. Hi Anonymous. It's people like you that assume that amazing bloggers like Will don't have real jobs :) Do you know what it's like balancing a great blog like this one and a full 9-5 job? Probably not, but I'm sure it's tough!

  3. Of course, the boldest ones are always "ANONYMOUS". To clarify - I have a full-time job. My Blog is my passion and my readers as am I, are v. interested in this Film and it is my duty to cover it. I spent my day off gathering content.

    Secondly, filming was taking place in a public location. All are welcome to spectate. These photographs in this Post were all taken non-intrusively without interrupting anybody.

    Thirdly, I find it almost laughable that after you went on the Internet searching out Photos of Robert Pattinson that you are now also condemning the people who go out to gather the content you snoop. I'm just saying... Thanks for visiting!

  4. Good Job Will!!! Great post!!!!! :)

  5. i do hope that they will be shooting some in downtown toronto specifically so i get a chance to say hello to him! Not sure why he did not interact with people waiting by for hours today.

  6. Thanks Joanna and Myra! Now that's loyalty! xo

  7. Myra, I'm pretty sure he didn't interact with them because, as the blog said, he's attention shy. I can't say that I blame him, as much as he is bothered day in and day out by 'fans' who act as if he owes them something when he really and truly doesn't. *shrug* It's not like he invited them to be there for hours today. They were there of their own accord.
    He is ultimately just a guy who does a different job than the norm. As are all celebs. What I think is sad is that he is not allowed to have a life away from that job, because of that job.
    From having worked with my fair share of celebs, and from being close friends with a few, I can tell you from first hand experience with them that it gets rather old pretty quickly.
    I'm here, so obviously, I was curious enough myself about the article when I saw someone else tweet the link to it. I, however, upon seeing Rob at a club in Los Angeles recently, merely smiled and nodded, and proceeded to ignore him, and allow him to enjoy the show he was there to see. Out of respect for him and the artists on the stage, it was the RIGHT thing to do.
    And no.. I'm not posting this as anonymous. I am not afraid to say what I think.
    Mr. Will, I'm not calling you out for your blog or your actions with a camera at all, so please don't think that I am. I'm not calling ANYONE out, just expressing another point of view, as someone who has been on that other side of the fence.

  8. That's cool and I respect that, Cari. Celebrity comes at a price and if you work with Talent then understandably you have to draw the lines of professionalism. Fans are Fans however and are entitled to be excited - let's not hold that against them!

    How each individual handles Fame is different. There are better ways to handling the attention than hiding - wouldn't you agree - especially when all people want is a glimpse or acknowledgement. Not asking a lot :')

    My post wasn't a critique, just an observation and I hope it didn't come off as being harsh on Robert.

  9. Thank you Will for posting this but it made me sad because my office is very near the location! how I wish I knew! *sigh*.... do u know where they are now? ;)

  10. Wow nice pics...
    Robert and kristen are looking Good together in twilight movie
    Thanks for sharing please keep sharing more :-)
    Christian Grey