Thursday, February 23, 2012


Still from Good Deeds
To attack Writer/Director Tyler Perry's eleventh effort Good Deeds is easy to do. Is it the type of Film that gets campaigned for an Oscar?  No - absolutely not.  How can one argue though with Perry's success, being named the Highest-Paid Man in Entertainment by Forbes Magazine last year?  Clearly he knows what his Audience wants and has a knack for delivering it to them time and time again.

This Romantic-Drama sees Perry breaking outside his Madea mold playing Wesley Deeds, a well-to-do San Francisco Businessman who questions his direction in life after crossing paths with a Janitor in his office named Lindsey (Thandie Newton), a Single Mother living out of her van.  Although they get off to a rocky start, soon they begin developing a bond as Lindsey works evening shifts and Wesley continues logging long hours at work.  A couple tricky obstacles: Wesley is running a company deep in Family tradition and fears disappointing his Mother (Phylicia Rashad) should he walk away and also, he has a Fiancée whom he still loves (Gabrielle Union). Also, his Brother Walter (Brian White) is jealous and volatile, plotting his downfall.

Good Deeds certainly isn't lacking in Melodrama. Slaps are handed, tears are cried, insults are made and punches are thrown.  The writing lacks grace, particularly glaring is an awkward elevator confrontation between Brothers Wesley and Walter, which plays out unintentionally funny. Perry delivers a tense and worried performance, which although required of his character, overall plays flatly.  

Escaping unscathed here is the fabulous Newton, who is committed as a devoted Mother refusing to accept defeat, being really the only one to go through any visible growth and transformation through all of this. Nonetheless, Fans of Perry's work - and there are many - will leave feeling satiated, their appetites fed with a generous helping of Drama.  Alliance Films releases Good Deeds on February 24, 2012.