Friday, September 16, 2011


Rebecca Hall at TIFF 2011 Premiere of The Awakening
British Beauty Rebecca Hall arrived at TIFF 2011 for Director Nick Murphy's Horror The Awakening. Set in the 1920s, its Story centers around a Hoax Exposer named Florence (Hall) who is brought in to visit a Boarding School after there are sightings of a Child Ghost.  She meets Robert, the School's Headmaster Robert (Dominic West) and Maud (Imelda Staunton) who oversees care of the Boys.  Adamant that these sightings do not in fact exist, Florence finds herself questioning herself after they become increasingly present.  At the same time, she is unsure also whether she should be fearing a Predator also who works at the School.

Hall delivers yet another absolutely stellar performance, revealing layers of Florence bit by bit until finally she is pared down to the core as a fearful shell of herself.  My biggest issue with The Awakening though is that it is manipulative, steering an unexpected course as it unravels, but nonetheless it is fine Storytelling which will have you on-edge all the way.  A fine directorial Debut from Murphy.

Meanwhile at the Premiere of the Film, a Barricade full of Fans unfortunately had to witness Hall being rushed off quickly despite there being sufficient time to sign  some Autographs and Photos.  Unlike many other Premieres earlier in the Festival, it was made clear that  the priority were Media and Media only - not Fans who queued hours for her. An apologetic Hall told me, "I don't know if I have time for a Photo..." before being led off by her strict Handler. This makes for a second consecutive TIFF in which the brilliant Hall has been led-off the moment I had an opportunity to ask for a Photo with her.

I did get to chat quickly with Murphy who was v. friendly, taking a Photo together, toying with Fans asking, "Who wants free Tickets?", only to reveal moments later he in fact had no passes! Tease.

eOne Films will be releasing in Canada on November 11, 2011.

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(Photo credit: Mr. Will-W.)

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