Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Kelly Osbourne & Mr. Will-W.
What more can I say about Kelly Osbourne other than that she's simply amazing?  Hello!  Making a two-hour appearance at The Bay - Queen Street today for Madonna and Daughter Lourdes' Material Girl Collection, Osbourne has been vocal about her love for Toronto, Tweeting her appreciation to the Staff at The Bay: "Thank you so much for today your staff treated me like a queen & i had the best time. from the bottom of my heart thank you.".

Osbourne, noticing some Fans waiting outside her Hotel earlier had apologized for not being able to greet them as she had been in a hurry.  But get this - she made a commitment to spend time with them upon her return and she did just that... but of course not until she had an opportunity to do a bit of private shopping at The Bay following her appearance.

Seeing her Fans upon return, she hopped right out of her SUV and ran over to them, taking Photos with each and every single one, rewarding them handsomely as some had waited almost eight hours for her.  Noticing one Reporter try to fit in a quick unassuming question, she replied firmly, "Oh,come on, you're pushing it, that was", before apologizing politely later, "Sorry, everything I do has to be cleared be her (pointing to her Handler).".

Of course Osbourne recognized me from yesterday and gave me a big hug telling me, "The appearance went amazing!  I really love this City!".  Yes!

See more Photos below of Osbourne:

And why not a Video too of the amazing Miss O?

See more of Osbourne arriving in Toronto yesterday here and find out how you can win a signed Photo from her!

(Photo/video credit: Mr. Will-W.)

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