Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Robert Pattinson greeting Toronto Fans
Although I wasn't feeling particularly amazing at all today, I got some rest and pulled myself together by Evening for all you RPattz Fans - only because you've all been so wonderful to me!

Cosmopolis continued into its third day of Filming here in Toronto, with one of my favourite Diners in Little Portugal providing the backdrop. The Production Crew, after taking measures to Paparazzi-proof their Set yesterday on Mercer St., took similar precautions again today in keeping Megastar Robert Pattinson's Trailer out of sight. Fans waiting the entire day by the front of the Restaurant failed to get a glimpse of him all day with him being ushered in and out through the back of the establishment.

After locating Pattinson's Trailer, I found a few devout and savvy Fans who had been waiting patiently the entire day in the area.  Unfortunately they had failed to catch his attention as he went in and out of his Trailer.  One Fan after growing tired of waiting, finally approached Pattinson's Handler Dean, asking if there was any remote possibility of obtaining an Autograph even.  She however had been told by him, "Probably not - there's too many people around", shielding his attention-shy Client.  In total there were six Fans in-waiting.

Around 8:00 PM a glimmer of hope appeared as Pattinson entered his Trailer again for one final wardrobe change for the day - a change back into his Everyday Wear: a Stussy T-shirt, his Long Beach 49ers Baseball Cap and a pair of Jeans.  He officially had wrapped for the day after a long, grueling day in the Heatwave which has hit the City.  After flagging him over, we were shocked to see Pattinson actually respond to us, coming over to personalize Photos and Magazines for us one-by-one in his best possible Penmanship.   

Robsmacked, I asked "Is it at all possible to get a Group Photo?", to which Dean had interjected, "We don't have time...".  Pattinson then overrode his Handler's objection, saying "Yes, I'll do a Group Photo!" , garnering an ecstatic response from us Fans.  Some kind Onlookers in the neighbourhood offered to take our Photo before I extended my hand for a shake and he went off to greet a few other Fans.  Those Ladies were told by Dean, "Stand back or he's not going to do it!" and willingly they obliged in their best behaviour.

Yes, that really happened.  Witness a gracious Pattinson interacting with us below:

And here's that much-talked about Group Photo below:

See my Autographs below:

Yes, the rumours on Twitter are true.  I will be giving away that Signed Copy of Entertainment Weekly to one lucky Reader who is following me on Twitter Details here.  I love my Readers and always take care of them!

And of course, this Post would not be complete with some more Photos of that handsome Fellow from London.  Enjoy these Photos I snapped earlier this evening:

We did it, RPattz Fans! We really did it.

(Photo/video credit: Mr. Will-W.)


  1. thats great, thanks so much for sharing Mr. will, i hope I get the signed mag.

  2. Congrats Will... looking forward to ur updates about Cosmopolis... Nice that we have some big stars here in TO. Gotta keep an eye out for that autographed Mag, since my 9 yr old daughter would LOVE me forever if I got that (may or may not top being in the same theatre as Justin Bieber??)

  3. What a great post and the pictures..GAH! How sweet of Rob to agree to do the group photo..Dean, stop being a fun sucker!! Thanks Mr. Will for sharing your happy day with us :-) Acey

  4. Thanks so much for the pics! But PLEASE stop calling Dean his handler. Animals have handlers. NOT people! Especially Rob!!!!

  5. Thanks Guys! :')

    Re: "Handler", I'm definitely not referring to the animal sense of the world. The term is widely used for people who handle the affairs of Public Figures to help them maintain a positive public image. I'm sorry - didn't mean to offend!

  6. i also met him in London during the WFE premiere, he was so nice and carefull, beautiful memories about him, so smiley and kind :)

  7. This is so great! I really wish I could just catch a glimpse of him in real life. Will they still be shooting there tomorrow? :(

  8. Wow, this is amazing. And i like how everybody kept it cool.
    Where is this set located?
    Ive been googling, but cant find the location of the set.;(