Thursday, December 3, 2009


One of the things I love most about visiting London is its abundance of Marks & Spencer shops. With my family being from the formerly British colony of Hong Kong, we observe many British traditions. One of the things that marked my childhood here in Canada was visiting M&S with my mom and buying cookies. By 1999 though, the retailer ceased operations in Canada, shutting down its final 38 stores across the country. I believe one of the many reasons it failed was its focus on fashions which simply didn't catch-on with Canadians, thus accounting for much of its struggle to remain relevant.

Every once in a while I have friends or family visiting from England and without fail, I request always that they bring back some cookies from the chain retailer. My favourites are the Chocolate Dunkers and All-Butter Sultana Cookies. M&S recently announced on their website that they now ship internationally, however, I tried placing an order the other day and it turns out that they do not ship many food items. A shame.

Although I'm sure many of you find it cringe-worthy, I absolutely adore their Christmas Cake and wound up having to go through third party importer Blighty's to get it. I am anxiously awaiting its arrival in the mail. I cannot wait to sink my teeth into that spicy citusy goodness, chew those candied Morello Cherries and savour that essence of Brandy. Don't even get me started on that sugary Marzipan icing that covers the cake.

For those of you in North America who love M&S as much as I do, you can check out these online retailers which ship to these parts:
Believe me, it's worth it. Yes, that's me greedily hoarding a supply of cookies last summer at the Covent Garden M&S store!


  1. I remember going there regularly with my mom when I was a kid.. we'd always get their little quiches and a variety of chips and snacks that were a little out of the ordinary and I loved them. I miss all those experiences!

  2. Hugs. We need to get violent if they do not bring them back soon. Although... President's Choice has been releasing quite a few products of late which resemble M&S. You should check out their holiday cookies. A few are identical.

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  4. Mr. will Just a quick note to let you know that we (in Toronto) sell lots of Marks & Spencer products including the Christmas cake and pudding. We're located on Bayview in Leaside. Check it out
    Dolce & Gourmando 1493 Bayview Ave. Toronto
    These are available in limited quantities and on a first-come basis. thanks