Saturday, May 14, 2011


Julia Roberts & Tom Hanks in June 2011 issue of W Magazine
Too hot! Julia Roberts and Tom Hanks cover the June issue of W Magazine as part of the build-up to their upcoming Film together, Larry Crowne.

Lynn Hirschberg sits down and interviews Hanks and Roberts separately in the fascinating Piece.  Hanks who co-writes and directs Larry Crowne, reveals that this upcoming Film is a social commentary on America today, feeling that he is living in cynical times.  Hanks says, "People are afraid of change. People say, I can’t do this or that. Why? Because I’d have to change something. Well, yes: You should change. The idea of change makes them nervous, but I think change is good. Always.".

Roberts however who is v. conscious of her age comments on her choice to steer from Rom-Coms at this stage in her career saying, "I think it’s called growing up. Light and funny has a more compelling quality when you’re younger. But I haven’t abandoned the genre: I love falling down; I love Lucille Ball. It’s just that a lot of those stories revolve around problems that I can’t convincingly portray at this age.".

Read the Interviews in full here.

Alliance Films releases Larry Crowne in Canada on Canada Day, Friday, July 1, 2011 and you can bet there will be Giveaway or two pertaining to that.  Stay tuned!

(Photo credit: Mario Sorrenti/W Magazine)

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