Monday, March 26, 2012


Woodbine Racetrack at Sunset
I don't usually get Political on this Blog as I'm all about Pop Culture, but this is a cause to which  my heart is strongly attached.  It is estimated that annually, Slot Parlours at Ontario's Racetracks bring in over $1.36 billion Revenue. The Ontario Liberal Party has announced plans to shut-down these Parlours, which could result in a loss of 60,000 jobs across the Province - a devastating blow not only to those in the Horse Racing Industry, but also us as people of Ontario. Money generated from Slots get invested into Hospitals, the Volunteer Sector and Municipal Projects. 

Think about the impact this has on the hardworking Horsemen and Horsewomen who have spent their lives working in the Industry and also the Horses themselves whom are bred to be Athletes, and what may become of them with fewer opportunities to compete as a result of these cuts. Think also these cuts' overall impact on Ontario's Agricultural Infrastructure.

I invite you to show your support for Ontario's Horse Racing Industry, by clicking here. It will take only a moment, I promise!

(Photo credit: Mr. Will-W.)