Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Sarah Polley & Mr. Will-W. - June 2011
Just four days ahead of her TIFF Premiere for Take this Waltz, Actress/Director/Writer Sarah Polley has confirmed that she is three-and-a-half months pregnant with a Child from her Husband, Law Teacher David Sandomierski.

That would mean that when I last ran into her in June outside the National Film Board of Canada (seen above), she already had just conceived this first Child. Amaze.  At that time Polley wasn't able to confirm yet that Take This Waltz would be premiering at TIFF saying to me, "Nothing's finalized yet!". 

Technically though, this Baby really could be considered Polley's third Child. Her first Baby, 2008's Away from Her, was born to much acclaim in its TIFF Premiere and eventually an Oscar nomination for Best Adapted Screenplay. The impending birth of her second Baby this weekend in Take This Waltz, also boasts some strong lineage as Michelle Williams appears to be getting Oscar buzz too for her work also.  Congratulations all around, Ms. Polley

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