Friday, April 8, 2011


Nick from Showtime's Gigolos
I’m actually a little obsessed with this. Showtime’s racy new Reality Series Gigolos follows five real-life male Escorts at work in bustling Las Vegas. The Men work for Cowboys 4 Angels, an Escort Company owned by Garren James. The Series shows these Men, some whose Families are oblivious to the work they do, competing with one another for Clients and actually at-work with Clients. Female Clients (sometimes with their Partners) also are interviewed.

But how exactly is this legal, you ask? TV Guide did an interesting piece on the loopholes which Gigolos has gone through, explaining the Escort must collect the money from the Client before the transaction occurs. “It’s illegal for you to take any money after that for any sort of sexual services or whatever”, explains James on the Show. Above this, Gigolos is being marketed more as a “depiction” of Escorting with these Men working pro-bono (no, not pro-boner) for the Camera.

In Canada, the Series airs on The Movie Network at 11:30 PM EST Thursday nights. Click here for airtimes.

(Photo credit: Showtime)

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